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Welcome to NATURAL INSECT CONTROL (NIC), your Organic, Environment Friendly Product Supplier. We specialize in beneficial insects, biological pest controls, Canadian beneficial nematodes, greenhouse biological controls, ladybugs, praying mantis, natural fly parasites and many more. Need to control, grubs, greenhouse pests, Japanese beetles, gypsy moths, flies, wasps, fleas, ants either through integrated pest management (IPM), organic methods or environment friendly traps and lures we have a solution! Birds are great natural pest controllers; enjoy attracting and watching purple martins, hummingbirds, orioles, bluebirds, bats, chickadees and many more native birds in your own backyard with your own bird feeders and houses.

NIC is your source for natural insect controls and eco friendly green products for your home, garden, orchard and even you! Are you looking for organic soil solutions, natural fertilizers, and soil supplements for your garden? Do you want to attract and keep your friends of nature or deter unwanted pests using environment friendly garden products? Are you finding unwanted pests in your home; fleas, fruit flies, pantry and clothes moths, cluster flies, all can be controlled naturally. This is the place to find many organic hemp balms and lotions for you, and books on organic gardening, birds, bats and natural therapies. Natural Insect Control (NIC) offers natural choices for better living!

Biological Control: Using (Beneficial) living organisms to control other (pest) organisms (insects).

Nature naturally keeps a balance, only when forced by 'man' do things go wrong and result in unwanted invasions. All of the 'Good Bugs' we offer are either native to North America or have been approved and permitted by Agriculture Canada for Natural Insect Controls. The amount of 'Good bugs' released for natural pest controls is only a fraction of what is already working hard outside in nature. Feel assured that NIC diligently believes and maintains good practises; this is our pledge to you!

What else is available to use as alternative to chemicals in my garden, backyard, farm, in my home, for myself? How do I leave the lowest environmental impact but still control or deter unwanted pests, 'Bad Bugs', rodents, mammals, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes? Every product we offer is non-chemical, non-toxic, a natural option using sticky traps and pheromone lures, organic soil solutions for house plants, gardens and natural lawn care, bird, bat and purple martins houses and feeders and of course the beneficial insects; 'Good Bugs' to name a few. To leave the lowest environmental impact and 'Make a Future Possible' opt for 'Natural Choices Better Living', eco friendly, green living products. Helping to create awareness is the first step in conservation education.

Natural Insect Control