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Grub Control with Nematodes
June 2nd, 2010

How do I control white grubs in my lawn ?

Hello Grubby,
Beneficial Nematodes are your Organic answer to white grub control . NIC's nematodes (small microscopic worms) are all raised by NIC , are all Canadian strains and therefore are guaranteed fresh, host specific as they are raised on a live host and keyed to Canadian pests.
Lawn Guardian (code:2210B)our strain for white grubs can be applied to wet soil as long as the soil temperature is 10 degree C or warmer - so cetainly the soil is warm enough now . Applied when grubs are seen in the soil...
We also have Guardian(code:(2212M) for Cranefly aka Leatherjacket control.
And Veggie Guard (code:2201)for those nasty garden pests
Stop Flea(code:2203) for you and your pets.
For more info visit
The Bug

Ladybugs and Food

Ladybugs and Food
June 14th, 2010

Dear Bug,
What do Ladybugs eat?
The Gardener

Dear Gardener,
Ladybugs can be a gardener’s best friend. They often are used to control soft bodied insect pest such as aphids, scales and mites in your garden. It is both the ladybugs adult and larva that feed on your pests. It has been estimated that one ladybug can feed on 50 aphids a day. Now that is a lady any gardener would like to have around.
WE are currently waiting for our ladybugs to arrive, but if you can not wait. We recommend our Aphid Eliminator. This native midge feeds on 60 species of aphids!
The Bug

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