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November 18th, 2010

I can not stand these hairy white bugs on my tropical plants!

Of the approximately 15 species of mealybugs found in greenhouses, the most common species are citrus mealybug and long-tailed mealybug. Their host range is extensive and includes most foliage plants grown in plantscapes, and your favorite houseplants too. Mealybugs damage plants by sucking the sap. Their feeding causes distortions, stunting and yellowing of foliage. They also produce honeydew, which supports the growth of unsightly sooty molds on leaves and attracts ants. Some mealybug species can also transmit viruses.

Before releasing biological controls:
-Prune out and destroy infested foliage.
-Hose plants with a strong stream of water to reduce mealybug numbers.
-Use Botani-wipes to clean away any mealybugs and clean your plants. Click Here to see our Botani-Wipes.
-Q-Tip dipped in soapy water and alcohol solution, and dabbed on each mealybugs will kill instantly.

Biological Controls
-‘Cryptolaemus’: The mealybug destroyer, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri is an effective control for citrus mealybugs in interior plantscapes. Click Here to see our mealybug destroyer.
-‘Hypoaspis’: The soil-dwelling predator mite Hypoaspis has been reported to control mealybug found in plant roots by attacking the crawler stage. . Click Here to see this incredible soil mite.

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