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Indian Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moths
January 5th, 2011

I love feeding the birds, but I get these tiny moths in my bird seed? Can you help!

It sounds like you have Indian meal moths, Plodia interpunctella. These small moths are 3/8 to 1/2-inch long with wings folded over the back. Wings are two-toned, with the bases a pale gray and the ends reddish brown or copper. Larva are dirty white with brown heads. They grow to about 1/2-inch long and may become yellowish, pinkish, brownish or greenish. The Indian meal Moth larvae can infest a wide range of dry foodstuff of vegetable origin, such as cereal, bread, pasta, rice, spices or dried fruits, nuts, pet foods and seeds. More unusual recorded foods include chocolate and cocoa beans, coffee substitute, cookies and flour. There are Indian meal moth traps available to trap the adult moths. Click here. It is important to have a fresh trap every 3 months to be ready to trap these moths as soon as hey hatch before they breed and renew their population. Also store all dried pantry food in sealed glass jars or in the freezer. Put your bird seed in a sealed plastic container and store outside.


January 17th, 2011

What was the most popular item at Landscape Ontario’s Congress Tradeshow?

That’s easy, it was our Islandscapes!

We have all dreamed of owning your very own private island, well here it is. This is the next big wave for home ponds. Islandscapes enhances the beauty and biological health of ponds, providing an innovative filtration and a lush growing environment for terrestrial plants. lslandscapes offer food and fun for fish, frogs and other wildlife.

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