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Praying Mantids

Praying Mantids
March 14th, 2011

How to hatch a praying mantis egg case indoors.

Hatching your Praying mantis is easy! In warm temperature (70-90F/22-34C), they will wiggle out of their egg case in about 1 to 8 weeks. You will need: 1 Container, it can be an old aquarium or plastic jar, netting to cover the container opening, string or rubber band, a pin, twig and misting bottle.

1.Cut a piece of netting to fit over the opening of your container.
2.Attach the egg case to the twig by either pinning the open end of the mesh tube the egg case is shipped in or by pinning the top part of the egg case on to the twig. It is important to pin the egg case at least 5 cm above the floor of the cage.
3.Put mesh over the opening of the jar and secure with rubber band or string.
4.Place container in a warm spot, not directly in the sun.
5.Mist daily, this is very important. You do not want your egg case to dry out.
6.Wait patiently. Check egg case daily.
7.Once hatched enjoy the event, and then let the mantis go in you garden.

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