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Canadian Beneficial Nematodes
May 15th, 2011

When and How do I apply Nematodes ? And what kind to I require?

Canadian Beneficial Nematodes can be applied as soon as the soil temperature is 10 degree C or warmer. The easiest way to apply nematodes is with a Hose End Sprayer, Back Pack Sprayer or watering can .
NIC produces all our own Canadian Benenfical Nematodes so they are alwasys fresh..
We produce different strains that are used to control different pest insects in the soil.
LAWN GUARDIAN controls White Grubs- June & Japanses Beetle and European Chafer
GUARDIAN controls Cranefly/Leatherjacket
BIRCH LEAFMINER GUARD controls Birch Leafminers before they hatch
SOD GUARD controls the SOD Webworm
VEGGIE GUARD controls Iris Borer, Rose Chafer, Flea Beetle, Onion & Carrot Maggot
FLEA GUARD controls Dog & Cat Fleas
FLY STOP controls flies around manure piles
NO GNAT - controls Fungus Gnats in potted plants

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