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Ants in Your Lawn

Ants in Your Lawn
October 16th, 2012

How can I control ants in my lawn?

Lawn ant control begins with a healthy and well maintained lawn. Lawn ants will most frequently attack your lawn if it is unhealthy and stressed. They tend to be most troublesome during the hot, dry weather.
The lawn ants themselves are not usually harmful to your lawn and may be considered beneficial. However their ant hills can be a nuisance. The ant hill cause;
-The grass roots to be exposed. This can kill the individual grass plants in your lawn.
-Uneven areas in your lawn. If this happens it can be more difficult for you to cut the grass.
-Smothers the grass around them.
-Grass plant doesn't get the proper sunlight.
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Beneficial Nematodes and Winter
October 24th, 2012

What happens to beneficial nematodes like in Lawn Guardian in the winter?

As harsh winter condition grip most of the country, your nematode population declines in the soil. Some beneficial nematodes move deeper into the soil and below the frost line. These will survive the winter by going dormant. However, the survivors may be too few in numbers to provide adequate insect control for the following season. If your pests return a repeated application will be necessary.

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