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Chrysanthemums and Aphids

Chrysanthemums and Aphids
January 15th, 2013

How to I get rid of aphids on my Chrysanthemums?
I have a recurring infestation of aphids on 2 chrysanthemum plants. They are in a window box, but the black and red aphids keep coming back.

Chrysanthemum aphids are tiny dark-brown to black as adults while in younger stages can appear brick red. These aphids can pierce the plant tissue and suck out the juices. Large populations of feeding aphids can result in distorted leaves and stunted shoot growth. Chrysanthemum aphids exude a sticky substance called honeydew. Sooty mold pathogens frequently feed on the honeydew and turn the leaves black in appearance.
Aphids can be removed from plants by applying a forceful spray of water to the plants every 2 days, especially to the undersides of leaves. Continue as needed, but at least 3 times. Several naturally occurring enemies feed on aphids. Try using Green Lacewings, Chrysoperla rufilabris larvae.
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