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Cold Weather and Rodents

Cold Weather and Rodents
January 6th, 2014

Will I be seeing more rodent activity due to the cold weather?

Baby it is Cold out There!
As our temperatures are dropping, rodents are looking for a warm spot and food source to sustain themselves. In our homes, field mice tend to find their way in. In nurseries, it can be either field mice or voles. Poly houses contain hundreds of potted plant in a tightly packed environment that provide a warm hiding spot and ample amounts of food sources such as bark, twigs and leaf debris. The solution can be easy as setting out mouse traps! Our SNAP-E is truly a "better mousetrap”. It is easy to bait, set and release. This escape proof trap prevents you from even having to touch another dead mouse.

Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps
January 13th, 2014

The mice keep stealing my cheese from trap before it can trap them! Very frustrating, can you help?

Mice are crafty at stealing a piece of cheese from a mousetrap, as you have seen. The trick is to make sure the trap will trip while mice are nibbling the treat. How to do it? Just set the cheese in the trap and heat it with a lit match so the cheese melts. The melted cheese will make the mice sample long enough for the trap to spring shut.

Our snap-e mouse traps are on sale for 2 traps for $5.00.

Mice and Peppermint

Mice and Peppermint
January 20th, 2014

Did you know?

Mice do not like the smell of peppermint! A cotton ball soaked with oil of peppermint or peppermint tea spray (see instruction below) can prevent mice for entering your home. Place the scent of peppermint at the suspected entryway.

Peppermint Tea Spray
Boil 2 cups water, turn off the heat and add 4–6 peppermint tea bags, and let the tea steep for 6–8 hours. Now stir in 2 teaspoons dishwashing liquid to make the super-strong solution stick to surfaces longer. Fill a spray bottle with the tea and coat baseboards and any areas where you suspect mice are entering.

Mole Controls

Mole Controls
January 27th, 2014

Do you have any way to control moles in my lawn?

Moles are small mammals that live most of their lives underground. Usually grey or black with shovel-like paws used for digging. They eat grubs, insects, worms, and occasionally seeds.
Make Your Yard Mole-Unfriendly
Moles like soft, damp earth. It's easier to dig through, and it is attracted to juicy grubs, bugs, and worms. What you want to do is change conditions, so that moles don't bother coming in. Use products that control grubs like our Lawn Guardian (beneficial nematodes) to limit moles' food supply. You can keep your lawn drier by watering less; a deep watering once a week should keep your lawn healthy.
Use Traps
The most effective way to get rid of moles is to trap them. There are several types of traps like our KetchAll mouse trap (KMT1). You'll have more luck if you trap in the spring or fall, and if you set your traps in a main runway. These are usually straight, or they can follow the perimeter of your yard. Place your KetchAll mouse trap near the tunnels entrance/exit hole.
Happy Trapping!

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