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Who is N.I.C.?
Good Bugs

What or more importantly who are 'Good Bugs'? 'Good bugs' are insects that either prey on (eat) or parasites (lay their eggs inside) pests, 'Bad bugs'. Who are the 'Bad bugs', any insect that feeds or damages commercially or aesthetically sought after crops, plants and trees.

  1. 'Bad bugs' can never build up a resistance to nature!
  2. Poison Free pest control.
  3. 100% safe for people, pets and plants.

What is important to know about using 'Good Bugs'?

  1. Prevention is the key to success. Ensure 'Good bugs' are introduced before the 'Bad bugs' have taken over and are causing damage to your crop.
  2. Monitor - watch and understand what is happening in your crop. Knowledge helps you make the right decisions at the right time for the best results!
  3. Environment - where possible use the environment to ensure the 'Good bugs' are happy. The happier you're 'Good Bugs' are the better the control.

How do I use 'Good Bugs'?

If you already know what you are looking for, select the 'Good bug' from the list. If you are not sure what 'Good bug' you need, but know what 'Bad bug' you have, refer to the 'Bad bug' section which will outline all predators and parasites to control your pest.


The majority of our 'Good bugs' are raised here in Canada. Buying locally comes with many benefits, for you, our Bugs and the environment. Less transport means fresher, stronger, harder working Bugs and lower environmental impact. When you purchase from within Canada you are directly supporting Canadian companies and Canadian people. Our insectaria and entomologist staff work hard to offer and deliver superior products, fresh 'Good bugs' means, lower release rates and faster controls.

Understanding the Big Picture

Introducing Beneficial Insects is an inoculation of 'Good bugs' to keep the pest bugs at a level where plant damage is not a problem. Remember it takes time to establish a population of 'Good bugs' and that this needs to occur before the invasion of pest insects becomes a high infestation. Beneficial insects are safe, labour costs are lower and your plants are healthier and more productive. No need for toxic chemical sprays!

Integrated Pest Management: A program that combines monitoring, biological controls and modified spray programs. Natural Insect Control (NIC) will work with each customer to recommend a program of biological introduction, keyed to each specific situation. NIC offers all required items for monitoring, trapping, identifying and releasing biologicals.

Using 'Good bugs' is ENVIRONMENT SAFE for you, your staff, your customers, and for the whole world!

'Good Bugs' what is in a Name?

By any other name do 'Good Bugs' still mean the same, yes! You may find all of the following terms for 'Good bugs': Beneficial Insects, Bio-controls , Biological Controls, Natural Predators, Parasites.

NIC TIP: Planting small flowering annuals and perennials, preferably native plants will naturally attract many native Beneficial Insects to your garden i.e. ladybugs, lacewings, parasitic wasps, beneficial midges etc. Native plants will also attract natural pollinators such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

Your biologicals will reach you within 48 hours or less of leaving our insectaries - giving you the most viable product possible. Many insects will absorb their eggs if they are in transit to long or will be very close to the end of their short life span. 100% live delivery guaranteed. NIC PRIDES ITSELF IN HAVING THE BEST QUALITY, BEST PRICE AND BEST TECHNICAL SUPPORT!

Release Rates:

P = Prevention
L = Low infestation
M = Medium infestation
H = High infestation

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