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Many pest insects target your home and pantry. Don't put poisons and chemicals in the same cupboard as your cupcakes; manage pests in your home naturally. Moths in your cupboard and closet, fruit flies in your fruit bowl, fleas on your carpet, flies in your windows, can all be controlled without exposure to poisons or chemicals. Environment friendly, eco products for your home that really WORK!


Organic Gardening and Natural Lawn Care begins by getting your lawn and gardens off 'DRUGS' such as chemical fertilizers that only feed the plant but kill the soil, and chemical sprays that destroy natural predators ('Good bugs'), that would naturally control the 'Bad bugs' in your garden. Start by using a fertilizer and organic soil supplements that feeds the soil, encourage healthy microbial action so the NATURAL soil can feed your plants, the way it is suppose to be! Release and attract 'Good bugs' to your yard using natural lures, replace the 'Good bug' populations that has been decimated by the overuse of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Use traps with pheromone lures or natural baits to control slug, snails, caterpillars, gypsy moths, Japanese beetles, ants, etc. A natural yard becomes habitat. Without the use of chemicals, native insects, both predators and parasites, along with native birds will keep your garden healthy by eliminating most of the pest insects.

Beetlemania: Most beetles feed on your garden plants, shrubs and trees, causing extensive damage. The larvae stage of many beetles is the white grub you will find in your lawn feeding on the grass roots, killing large patches of turf. Be ready for the annual beetle invasion with highly effective pheromone traps and lures.

Control Lawn Grubs with LAWN GUARDIAN™ (Beneficial Nematodes), a natural grub control that is safe for people, pets and the environment.

Only available at NIC - CANADIAN Strain Beneficial Nematodes, what does this mean to you - Just the FACTS:

  • F = FRESH & ORGANIC - Live host raised with natural searching pattern for Canadian Grubs!
    • Organic: When raised on live hosts vs. artificially raised, the nematodes naturally 'understand' what and who they are looking for.
    • Fresh: Shipped within 24 hours of harvest.
  • A = AGGRESIVE - Cold Tolerant: apply earlier and later in the season. Soil temp: 10C
  • C = CANADIAN EH! - The only Canadian nematode on the market. They already have an affinity
          for our pests.
  • T = TESTED - and researched in our laboratory - Continual ongoing research.
  • S = SERVICE - full bilingual instructions, easy to apply!

    Don't spray poisons on your fruit. Insect traps and lures won't poison or pollute, and they let you harvest sweet appetizing healthy fruit. By using traps with scented lures or mating disruption you eliminate the need to spray poisons to control orchard pests. Use natural controls for the pest's that target your orchard trees! Do you see brown lines and larvae, is your fruit rotting from the inside, caterpillars causing extensive damage? Protect your apples, pears, plums, cherries, blueberries, quince and walnuts from orchard pests. Natural controls for apple maggot, codling moths and caterpillars. Orchard Control Solutions and releases of Beneficial Insects are all you need for a season of control in your orchard, naturally.

    NIC TIP: Work within the parameters of your soil type, environmental conditions, sun, shade, moisture and plant varieties and you will have the best grow results ever!

Natural Insect Control