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Dacnusa sibirica <br> (Ectoparasite)-Not Avaliable
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Dacnusa sibirica
(Ectoparasite)-Not Avaliable

Latin name: Diglyphus isea

Warm weather parasite and can be used with Dacnusa.

Small (2-3 mm.) black metallic wasps that paralyzes a leafminer larva and then lays an egg next to the leaf miner larva. This is a warm weather parasite that works well in greenhouses. Diglyphus parasitizes 3 common species of leaf miners including serpentine, tomato and pea miners.

SHIPPED: Adults in bottle.


RELEASE RATE: 0.1 Diglyphus per m. sq. (10 ft. sq.) repeated weekly for 3 weeks to establish a colony.

SPECIAL NOTES: Trap greater number of leafminers by hanging your sticky cards horizontally closer to ground level instead of vertically.

Note: BENEFICIAL INSECTS - must be ordered by Thursday for shipping the following Tuesday
(Exceptions : Ladybugs and Praying Mantis - usually stock Items check product for availability)


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