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<b>Diglyphus isaea</b> <br> (Parasite)
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Diglyphus isaea

Great for cool weather!

Small (3 mm.) dark brown wasp that works well in cool temperatures when it lays greater number eggs. It lays its eggs inside leaf miner larva. Diglyphus parasitizes the tomato leafminer, as well as the serpentine leafminer and the pea leafminer

SHIPPED: Adults in bottle.


RELEASE RATE: 0.01 Diglyphus ft2 weekly until 75% parasitism

SPECIAL NOTES: Trap greater number of leafminers by hanging your sticky cards horizontally closer to ground level instead of vertically.

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Note: BENEFICIAL INSECTS - must be ordered by Thursday for shipping the following Tuesday
(Exceptions : Ladybugs and Praying Mantis - usually stock Items check product for availability)

Size: [104010] 250 Diglyphus isaea - $98.67

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