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Having ladybugs and other beneficial insects in your yard is wonderful, but it can be a challenge to keep them. Using a food source can be a great way to hold on to your beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings and direct them to certain areas of your yard. Ladybugs in particular require a liquid food source when released; it will increase their egg laying and your control.

Ladybug food (Beneficial insect food- BIF) supplies the pollen and nectar sources in addition to the protein they get from eating pest insects. 42.5g (1.5oz) of dry BIF can be mixed with 500ml of water to cover 69m2 (750ft2). BIF can be mixed with less water to create a paste that can be used to feed insects kept in a terrarium.


Size: 85g (3oz)
Coverage 85g (3oz) covers 139m2 (1500ft2)
Long shelf life, store dry in a cool dry place.

Watch how to Apply our Ladybug Food

Note: BENEFICIAL INSECTS - must be ordered by Thursday for shipping the following Tuesday
(Exceptions : Ladybugs and Praying Mantis - usually stock Items check product for availability)

Size: [402001] LADYBUG FOOD (BIF) 85 g (3 oz) - $14.99

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