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Canadian GUARDIAN (Controls Craneflies/Leatherjackets)
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Canadian GUARDIAN (Controls Craneflies/Leatherjackets)

Seen on CityLine June, 2010

Have you seen the giant mosquitoes? Crane flies (Tipulidae) are a family of insects resembling giant mosquitoes. In appearance they seem long and gangly, with very long legs, and a long slender abdomen. The wings are often held out when at rest. Their larvae, called leatherjackets, consume roots (such as those of turf grass in backyard lawns) and other vegetation, in some cases causing damage to plants.

Guardian application: Guardian a specific NIC Canadian Strain of beneficial nematodes are used for applications in temperate regions such as Ontario when the adult Craneflies starts flying from mid September to mid October. Adult crane flies live only to mate, lay eggs and die once they become adults. The eggs will hatch within 2 – 3 weeks and the larvae will start feeding immediately on the roots of you grass. The larvae will develop throughout the 1st instars within 2 – 3 weeks, depending on moisture conditions. Timing of control using our Canadian beneficial nematodes is important and should be applied during the 1st instars, as it is the youngest and most vulnerable for infestation. Craneflies remain in the soil feeding in fall and spring. They stop feeding usually in June but remains in the soil until fall. Application of nematodes other than fall require much larger quantities and will control a percentage of the larvae.


Shipped on: sponge

Fall Coverage: 10 million Guardian treats 1054 ft. sq. (98 m sq.) in Sept.

Spring Coverage: 10 million Guardian treats 528 ft. sq. (49 m. sq.) in Spring

Storage: 8 weeks in refrigeration Please note expiry date!

Timing: When larvae are present in soil.

Watch how to Apply our Nematodes

SPECIAL NOTES: Application of 10 million nematodes should take approximately 40 minutes to apply using our hose end sprayer.

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Size: [107023] 10 million Guardian - $34.99
Size: [107024] 25 million Guardian - $69.99
Size: [107025] 50 million Guardian - $110.00
Size: [107026] 100 million Guardian - $200.00

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