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Nems are a speciality beneficial nematode which naturally controls fungus gnats. Fungus gnats resemble tiny mosquitoes with wings and black bodies. Gardeners may first notice adult fungus gnats when they water their houseplants or greenhouse seedlings. Fungus gnats thrive in warm, moist environments, but they can appear mysteriously at any time in indoor environments, even in winter. This is because fungus gnats often gain entry into the households or greenhouses by hitching a ride as eggs in a bag of potting soil or larvae in a newly purchased plant. Nems control larval stage in the soil.

GUARDIAN for Fungus Gnat
GUARDIAN for Fungus Gnat

<b>BENEFICIAL NEMATODES (NEMS)</b><br>  (Soil Larva Parasite)
(Soil Larva Parasite)

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