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Who is N.I.C.?
Who Is N.I.C.

Welcome to Natural Insect Control N.I.C.

Welcome to Natural Insect Control (NIC)

NATURAL INSECT CONTROL (NIC) has been supplying top quality solutions for natural pest control since 1989. We specialize in beneficial insects, beneficial nematodes (which we produce) and biological pest controls for natural control solutions in, greenhouses, growing systems and lawns and gardens. NIC is the source for natural insect controls and eco friendly green products, for any growing system, homes or even your own backyard. We specialize in designing preventative programs. The core values of NIC are based on providing the freshest Beneficial Insects (Bio-controls) possible for our clients in order to gain the results they want. Involvement in industry related Research and Development to contribute to ours and the global community. Client Care incorporating fast, informative service and educating the worldly community of their options and choices of 'Alternatives to Chemicals' for people, their homes, gardens and lawns; wherever they want to create a sanctuary.

NIC is a family owned and operated business, which started on the kitchen table of Sandra and David Mitchell, who were the founders of NIC and the trail blazers and champions to the cause of "Alternatives to Chemicals". The terminology of 'environment friendly', 'green' may change with the fashion into 'sustainability' and 'bio-dynamic', yet the heart of the concept to choose to make a difference and choose Natural Solutions is the same as it was decades ago for Sandra and Dave and now siblings, John and Susan, NIC's present owners.

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Natural Insect Control