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Who is N.I.C.?
Who Is N.I.C.

Welcome to Natural Insect Control N.I.C.

Welcome to 2016!

Natural Insect Control is in it's 28th year of operation, and has weathered the storm of new leadership as the reins were passed to the next generation (John and Susan) continuing the family tradition of an owned and operated family business.

It is always important for us to acknowledge and recognize Sandra (our mother) and David Mitchell the founders of NIC and the trail blazers and champions to the cause of "Alternatives to Chemicals". The terminology of 'environment friendly', 'green' may change with the fashion into 'sustainability' and 'bio-dynamic', yet the heart of the concept to choose to make a difference and choose natural is the same as it was 28 years ago (and earlier) for Sandra and Dave and now John and Susan.

The core values of NIC have (and will continue) to stay the same, based on providing the freshest Biocontrols possible for our clients in order to gain the results they want. Client Care incorporating fast, informative service and educating the worldly community of their options and choices to Alternatives to Chemicals for their own backyards, their homes, gardens and lawns wherever they want to create a sanctuary, that at some point everyone needs to escape for a little while.

Mason / Leafcutter Bee Report

2015 was the year that we hung, watched, and learned in our own backyards what these amazing Mason and Leafcutter Bee pollinators can do! There was great internal debate concerning the names and styles of the Bee & Bee Villa and the Bee Bop Barn housing choices for our small and beautiful friends. Susan was very happy to see that the Mason Bee had returned to her Bee & Bee Villa to lay eggs for their next family and although John lives only a few blocks away, it was the Leafcutter who took up residence in his Bee Bop Barn. We will continue to learn and grow with our Mason and Leafcutter friends as we truly believe that a world without pollinators is a world without fruit and nuts, vegetable and seeds, not a world we want to live in!

Nematode Report

Nematodes work! How's that for straight to the point. Nature does not do things in half measures and we are happy to report that the NIC's Canadian nematodes are being continually developed to make them more virulent, extend their longevity and acquire the results for our clients. As you can imagine the education that is required to discuss with anyone that this 'splotch' on a sponge will fix their grub issues is a challenge and always will be. The important factor for NIC is education, because to understand and know what to expect and how to check for your microscopic nematodes allows everyone to make an informed choice on what to use.

Pond Report

John has taken up 'ponding' and has realized that it is an interest that has far surpassed a hobby and become a lifestyle. Fortunately this winter seems to be a mild one so John doesn't have to check the pond hourly just nightly... Happy to say the prized Koi (Goldie & Triptych ) are doing fine albeit moving VERY slowly these days.

New Product Report

Well, we can't tell you too much about what we are up to until we release it on the market. Rest assuredly it will be researched in-house, tried, tested and work before we offer it to our clients. Stay tuned for further updates on our web site, email and social media channels.

We would like to thank NIC's wonderful team of long term employees including; Shahram, Kim, Darren, Stacey and Nancy who are the true core of what is NIC. Their dedication, expertise, practical knowledge, caring and cool attitudes are what is going to support NIC to go to the next level. Go Team, you are Amazing!

Furthermore, in dedication to Sandra and Dave we thank God for the blessings that have been bestowed on our family and may we continue to be guided in the grand plan as it unfolds.

Natural Insect Control